Beautiful Baby Brooke – Inland Empire Newborn Photography

Baby Brooke is beautiful. Unarguably flawless. Babies just have a way of being that way. I love my first steps into a stranger’s house when I come over for newborn portraits. I creep in, with my box of props that’s bigger than me, and there’s this slightly nervous/but totally not nervous exchange between me and the parents. Hi stranger, please come into our home… we want to show you our child… uuummm. But then we turn a corner, or someone steps out of the way and I see the little brand new human. It’s the ultimate ice breaker. We all usually just stare for a moment, and all insecurities melt away and we marvel at this tiny. loving. living. genius.

Inland Empire Newborn Photographer - Corey Morgan Photography 

Antique Newborn Scale - Newborn PhotographerCorey Morgan Photography - Newborn PhotographerHappy Friday!


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I love all things fantastic. Photography. Running. Dogs. Life.
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2 Responses to Beautiful Baby Brooke – Inland Empire Newborn Photography

  1. Love your cocoon and that scale!! Great job all around!

  2. LoveNiki says:

    I love the first pic with the big headband! Awww…so teeny and cute!

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