The Hawthorne Family – Balboa Park, San Diego Family Portraits

I just came home from a wedding planning session with my best friend, (HERS not mine!) and went to work to get this blog up. And then it hit me. Life in general… hit me. Kinda of hard. I guess I’m mostly freaking out about suddenly being “all grown up.” (which is totally someone else’s job, not mine, right?)

But in the past 5 days, my brother got married, my best friend got engaged, and now I’m looking over these pictures of Allison and her family, and I just remember being about the same age as Allison’s oldest daughter and running around the kindergarden playground. with Allison. I’ve known her for 20 years? whhooowww.

So I’m going to sit and digest the last 20 years of my life, and freak out about the next 20. Fortunately, I’m comforted by the beautiful Hawthorne family, the girls are both so sweet and slightly mischievous. Kinda makes me want two of my own. eek.

San Diego Photographer Corey Morgan PhotographyFamily Photographer San Diego

Portraits San Diego Photographer

Balboa Park San Diego Family PortraitsBalboa Park Photographer San Diego
San Diego Family Portraits


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One Response to The Hawthorne Family – Balboa Park, San Diego Family Portraits

  1. Jayne Quist says:

    Corey, your words are so sweet. I remember you two at that age as well, and am so proud of the fabulous young women you have both become. Your pics speak volumes of not only your creative eye but from your heart as well. ♥ Jayne

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