Sophistication and Spring Fashion – Victoria’s Downtown Riverside Senior Portraits

There’s something in the air starting around this Memorial Day weekend. Yes, mostly it’s the beauty of the official start of summer, and all of us are itching for vacations and beach days. But that also means that by now most colleges, and some high schools are being to hold their graduation ceremonies. There’s always a tiny twinge of nostalgia for me around this time. I’ve been out of college THREE years now! Eek!! But the buzz around town is infectious, the beauty of optimism spreading, and as much as I should be starting to feel old with all the high school and college kids grabbing diplomas, I kind of feel the opposite.  I feel young and motivated, and ready to take on the world. Here’s to hoping that’s exactly  what all of these awesome people graduating and the next few weeks feel!

These pictures really do speak for themselves, but just to recap: Victoria is simply gorgeous, a random stranger even asked if she was a professional model. Yeah. So I really didn’t need to do much work behind the lens to make her look stunning. She’s confident, elegant, wonderfully goofy, and full of grace.

I know I said it in my last post, but I really love shooting senior portraits. I think I’m becoming more and more of a softy, but man, high schoolers these days are just impressive!

Congratulations to  Victoria and the graduating class of 2011! Go out and chase those dreams!


Have a fun and fabulous long weekend everyone!


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One Response to Sophistication and Spring Fashion – Victoria’s Downtown Riverside Senior Portraits

  1. Beautiful girl and gorgeous shots!

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