Erin + Chad : An Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding

One of the absolute best parts of getting to be a wedding photographer is that I get to see some out-of-this world gorgeous weddings. I travel to locations straight out of daydreams, where every last detail is accounted for. Weddings are full of beautiful people on the happiest day of their lives, surrounded by and simply brimming with love.

Honestly, I wouldn’t trade this  job for anything.

Another awesome perk (from a single lady’s point of view) is that I get to get an up-close and personal showing of all the details that are in vogue for  weddings. I get to pencil all these lovely ideas into my personal wedding dream book that every girl keeps in her head starting at around age 15.

Erin and Chad planned, organized, and designed all the lovely details of their wedding, with some help from their friends. I think I could copy and paste everything about their wedding straight into my own wedding inspirations book.  It was vintage chic, relaxed and woodsy, and timeless elegance all rolled into one.

I shot this wedding with Jeremiah Bonjean Photography in September. Erin and Chad were married at Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills California.

Congratulations Erin & Chad!

getting ready



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3 Responses to Erin + Chad : An Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding

  1. lovely photos, especially the portraits!

  2. netanya says:

    My fiance and I are thinking of getting married there, but are trying to figure out reception ideas…do you know where they had theirs?

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